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Crop Coverage Tool

Benefits of DecisionMAXX

As a Williamson Crop client, DecisionMAXX allows you a simple solution to analyze your operation and make informed marketing and crop insurance decisions to mitigate your risks. Manage your whole operation in one place with the ability to blend counties, marketing, and insurance coverage to give a complete overview of your operation.

Profit Visualization

Track and record all your marketing positions in one location. Know your bottom line and revenue sources in one easy click.

Risk Management

DecisionMAXX allows you to develop a marketing strategy that works in concert with your insurance coverage. Use the 'Marketing Playground' feature to simulate how forward selling grain with your insurance guarantee impacts your profitability.

Safety Net

DecisionMaxx gives a detailed breakdown of indemnity payments at all price and yield scenarios. This tool helps determine if your crop insurance level is adequate.


Access anytime on tablets, phones, laptops and desktops. Create a PDF or print a hard copy to share with your business partners.

Multi Year Tracking

Plan for future crop years or look back at historical performance. Review how insurance base and harvest prices, expenses or yields have tracked over time.

Marketing Playground

'Marketing Playground' gives you an edge in building your marketing plan. This unique tool simulates cash sales, HTAs, basis contracts, futures positions and options positions; providing a real time view of how these work with your insurance strategy to secure your bottom line.

Example: You can test broker recommendations instantly!

Manage Your Insurance

Track your insurance coverage by county. Know your yield and revenue protection and see how these come together to secure your farm's profitability. You're just a click away from knowing your approved yield and how many total insured bushels your operation can market.

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